As a store that supplies pet food and pet's essentials, the pandemic carried an effect on all the pets and the homeless animals. The homeless animals ran out of food and the homebound pets were craving for their regular diet meals and treats. Many pets had to get adjusted to what was available at home and the rest would starve. 


We are all aware of the situation during the pandemic lockdown and hence our client took the risk to deliver it to them, of course by maintaining the distance and by sanitizing the products. But there came a situation where no one knew about this and even if they did, whom would they call? We need to consider this while preparing for the best and worst synopses after all pets are man's best friends.


How we helped?

To overcome this situation we firmly observed the situation and needs and determined the original way to distribute their Ads in the right platform with a strategy the was completely flexible. We determined the optimal way to distribute their ad budget, optimized any COVID-19-related symposia on their website, and redirected all incoming Google ads traffic under the new restrictions.

The Result

Our conservative divisions certainly paid off with March being their most substantial ever month for online revenue and almost double their second strongest month. Sales from organic traffic channels multiplied.


Petsenter covid 19 1.jpg