What I wish everyone knew about Digital Marketing.

Many clients ask us this question, Why Digital Marketing? or to be more precise, what is the advantage of Digital Marketing?

Now let us put this point to reality. Current Global Pandemic has severely impacted small and medium businesses. Business flow and income has been reduced due to lack of audience.

When you think of advertising your brand on various platforms including TV commercials, radio commercials, Sponsorship programs, Large events etc., The main question is, how vast is my audience? how many organic leads are converted? and mainly, what would be the budget that is going to cost for a successful promotions.

This is where Digital Marketing differs from all other platforms.


VAST AUDIENCE - Digital Marketing helps you get vast audience around the globe when compared to other platforms. Many social media platforms allows you to advertise your brand or products around the globe. Facebook ads, Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads, Google ads are top on the list.

Experts use Digital Marketing Tools by strategy such as:

  • Paid Social Media.

  • Email Marketing.

  • Display Re-targeting.

  • Programmatic Advertising.

  • Website Testing.

  • Video Ads.

  • Content Creation.

  • Affiliate Marketing. etc.,

Also an expert uses Digital marketing services like:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  • Pay Per Click (PPC). etc.,

These factors plays a major role in targeting organic audience in large numbers to market or promote your business online.

ONLINE PRESENCE - Opting Digital Marketing helps you to take your business online and this is the major role to improve your audience around places.

Online business presence includes:

  • Your website; desktop and mobile versions.

  • All social media sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

  • Office or store locations (Google Maps, etc.)

  • Directory listings.

  • Online reviews (Google, Yelp, etc.)

  • Digital ads (social ads, Google ads, Bing ads, etc)

Creating a professional website, opting for SEO services, active presence in all social media platforms, building relationships with content makers, marketing through E-mails and many other factors helps in web presence of your business.

LOW INVESTMENT - Investing for ads and promotions for offline marketing is been a huge problem for small and medium size industries. Understanding your budget for Digital Marketing is not complex. There is no fixed price for advertising online. This platform provides advertising service according to your budget, unlike offline marketing. This is the key attraction of Digital Marketing.

Understanding these key factors before choosing Digital Marketing as a medium to promote your business, leads you for a successful Digital Marketing campaign.

Hire an expert who can help you through out the marketing campaign.

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